griid is a tennis social media app for players to find partners,
book court and learn tennis content.

Tennis Life

Social platform

Share your tennis stories.
Connect with other people's tennis life.

Share your tennis stories on the tennis social platform.
Connect with more tennis friends and get tennis news and updates.


Tennis Club, griid

Make a group with your tennis friends on griid.

On griid,
you can make a group only for tennis with comfortable activities.

If you have experienced uncomfortable group activities,
Try it now on griid more easy and more light.


Tennis game

Play a game with a tennis friend same as your level nearby.

Find a tennis friend who is close to you and same as your level with location service easily and conveniently!

So that you can enjoy the game with your tennis friend of the same level.
griid will help you in the whole process.


Tennis Map

Wanna know about the tennis court near you?

The map of griid informs you the tennis courts, groups, and games around you.
Experience new convenience on griid.

Tag.nity Platform

Tennis #hash Tags

Find the content you want with #Tags

You can find what you want at once by searching for #Tags.
griid is a platform that supports content connection based on #Tag.nity.
Connect everything you want to know about tennis with #Tag.


Tennis Talk

Chat list
griid supports multiple group chats!

You can chat groups and games conveniently and easily.
You can create private and group chat for your purpose.